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To Dom or not to Dom....

 She ran fingers over his cheek and down his neck.  He looked at me and smiled feeling her fingers traverse along his cheek and neck  "So, what's his preference?" She asked as she opened her back pack she had discarded when she entered the room, and took out rope, duct tape, hand cuffs, gag, blindfold and flogger, and a butterfly knife.

 "Preference?  Out of them?"  He asked as he looked at the items that are being removed from the bad.  He blinked his brown eyes slightly before looking back at her.

 "Well..." She said as she flipped open a butterfly knife and gently pulls his shirt away from his chest enough so she won't cut him but close enough that she knows he can feel the cold of the metal as it slits his shirt open then leans into him so her lips touch his ear.   "First off, how would you like to be tied up?"

 "Uh..." He blinked and looked down at the knife then down at the stuff that she had pulled from the bag, then back at the knife.  He bit his lip before speaking.  "Well...I'd say you'd want something tight that I can't snap easily."

 "Mmmmm..."  She pushed his arms flat to the arms of his chair.  "Enough duct tape will do nicely, or a handsome cross weaving of rope...question is"  She leaned in and kisses his lips.  "Do you want rope burn or to have mostly hairless arms at the end of this?  Be a good boy and choose..."  She placed a damp kiss on his cheek then a smart slap on the other.

 He listened intently as she talked then looked down at his arms before looking back at the stuff from her back pack.  "The duct tape would seem better I think."  He said smiling slightly.

 She pulled him up and yanked down his pants and underpants taking his balls in her hand firmly and pulling one arm behind his back and up as she stroke his cock and balls.  He grunted softly and bit his lower lip.  "Good boy."  She pushed him back down as his cock began to harden and made a couple quick passes over his wrists to keep him still before she began the intensive job of totally covering his arms from wrist to elbow.  She reached over and fondled his cock every now and then.  When she finished with one arm she pause kneeling between his legs for a moment and suck on his cock running her hands over his chest and gently pinching his nipples and pulling gently.

 She smiled up at him and petted his thigh gently then continued with duct taping his other arm to it's chair arm.  "So..."  She whispered as she moved behind him and whispered in his ear again, gently pinching his nipples still.  "What to do with you now?" 

What do you think? 

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