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Reflections on Switching

This weekend was BR. Normally I work the entire time and NEVER get to play. So having said that this was a first! (Insert happy dance here).

I took a class - for the first time in 10 BR's (Black Rose XX). I ended up playing with one of the two presenters of that class (they are both hot, sexy, intelligent and very fun). But, I bottomed (of sorts).

Unusual you ask how? I have never bottomed in front of anyone in BR. You can imagine the chaos that cused during my DM (Dungeon Monitoring) shift! I had people I have known for years come and ask why I did that? Was I becoming a sub? What was I trying to prove? (yeah - they went there). I was no longer a "Domme" now because I bottomed, someone even said they had lost respect for me. You can only imagine my tears and frustration on Sunday. Sunday night in the dungeon was not much better - I had the wonderful chance to dress in a corset, long silk dress and get pics with my family (Fran, lisa & boy Ken) which were awsome - and then get sunrise patterns pierced into my ample bosoms. :) So joyous but again - a black lash for being less than a Domme.

So I ask this: When you first came out with your switchyness - how did people react? How did you combat the stereotype that you were less than one thing and more of a balanced human being?

For the first time I felt happy and whole -- and some people had to go and screw with it! I loved my brat scene - it was fabulous! I loved the artwork in the piercing! Nice to be the piercee instead of the piercer. I was in balance with myself, the universe and all within her.
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