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DEVIANToronto - January Workshops and Munch

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Hello all!

I've received a few emails over the last couple days asking about details and venues, so hopefully this email will catch anything that I've neglected to put up in the past.

Our new website is up here, containing details on our workshops and monthly munch.

Where: The Auld Spot Pub, 347 Danforth Avenue (by Chester station)

When: 4th Tuesday of every month, starting at 7pm and running until 10pm or whenever people head out

Details: Directions and the menu are all posted on the pub's website. In addition, the venue is offering us a "special" (cheaper) meal alternative on the nights of the munch, for those of us who are more frugally inclined. If it is your first time attending a munch or event, feel free to email Carina ( or Kirsten ( and we can meet up with you ahead of time so you know at least one person going in.

The first set of workshops are scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 12th, 2008 at The 519 Community Centre in downtown Toronto.

Submission as a Path to Power - 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

(Presenter: Susan)

How can we see submission as hot, powerful, and essential for good leadership? This participatory and discussion-based workshop will focus on how giving, serving, and enduring can enhance our relationships with individuals and communities. By examining the many aspects of submission, from the mundane to the transcendent, we will explore the ways in which this role is essential and important in a context much broader than "just play".

This workshop is open to everyone, including those of non-submissive persuasions.

Negotiating a Consensual Scene - 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

(Presenter: Lorysa)

Informed consent isn't just for surgery! Communication and discussion are key to successful scenes. This brainstorming session will focus on building scene negotiation skills such as knowing what information to request or offer, setting parameters, and raising possible concerns. We will also touch on ways to integrate the principles of RACK/SSC in your decision making.

This workshop is geared primarily towards new players, but experiences and input from seasoned veterans is welcome.

Cost: $10/person for one workshop, $15/person for both workshops.

Sliding scale is available for students upon request.

Water and light snacks will be provided during each workshop.

Pre-registration is required, but we are now accepting payment at the door. You can register or ask for more information by emailing Carina (

Hope everyone had a great holidays (of whatever you celebrate) and see you all in the new year!

-Carina aka darkestembrace
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