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A story...the fantasy

So this is my first attempt at a story....let me know what you think:

There was a light knock on my apartment door.  I was nervous, I knew it was Greg, over the past 7 months he had come to my home many times.  I had lost count of the times we had slept together, yet I still got butterflies whenever he was near.  Tonight was my night to do something different with him.  It was New Years eve, a night I used to dread as the anniversary of a break-up, but tonight it would be wonderful, and exciting.
Greg was the love of my life and in a perpetual state of confusion.  I was the only woman he had slept with a enjoyed it, I was also the only person he had slept with that left him without guilt.  He was 22 and full of conflicts: top or bottom, boys or girls, dom or sub?  So it was my hope to bring him pleasure and let him see that he could enjoy all the world had to offer, tonight we would role-play...tonight he would be my slave.
I opened the door clad in lacy pink panties that were sparsly covered in glitter, the ones I had woren on an early date, that left small remembrances of me for weeks.  I wore one other piece of clothing, a shear black lingerie robe that went to the beginnings of my black three inch high heels.
When he walked in I was shaking on the inside, he was as handsome as ever.  Short brown hair that would suit no other man, but him.  A strong jaw line with the most amazing smile, only one of his front teeth appeared in the slightest to be flawed, yet its what made his smile so sexy.  Then there were his eyes, they were somewhere between a pale blue and silver that squinted tight when he smiled or laughed too hard.  His eyebrows were perfectly place above them with endless expression, enough to make anyone swoon at the first twitch.
Once inside he seemed startled by my attire, and unsure of what I had planned.  This was not obviously the scene he expected to find when he came over tonight.  There was a glemnse of intrigue in his eyes and I knew I had him hooked.  I reminded him of a comment I had made, "When we are at you place you are in charge,but when we are at mine, I am."  I said this with a confident smirk and he understood right away what my mind was set on.
I waited for him to protest or fall into line with the game, if he protested that just made my challenge greater, but if not the fun would begin.  He asked me, "So how do you envision this going?"  My reply was simple, "Tonight, you will be MY slave and you will do exactly as you are told, the same safe words apply as from the other night."
I few nights prior to this my fantasy came true when he had tied me to his bed for an amazing night of torture and passion, definitely a top 5 night!
"First slave you will strip."
I watched as he did as instructed, almost taking on a different persona as he did.  I loved the man for who he was, but his body was amazing site.  I often teased that he had bigger breast than mine, but it was true.   He was not significantly tall, but somewhere around 5'9", but he was well proportioned and defiantly lickable.  His shoulders were broad and strong, easily the sexiest part of him.  They of course led to sculpted, but not to obviously perfect, arms.  His chest was, I'm sure, the envy of many of the men he had taken home or teasingly been shirtless around, complete with the two highly sensitive and delightedly suckable nipples.  His stomach was not the traditional six-pack, but it was flat and perfectly in-tune with the rest of his torso, which carried the most perfect amount of brown hair.   Where his torso met his legs was the most erotic part of his body.  Perfectly chiseled out of whatever god had created him from, this area was my  favorite, soft and tender to the touch, that made a perfect V to my favorite organ.  I have been said to have a phallic obsession, but not being modest, his was the most succulent thing I had ever had the pleasure to put my mouth on.  His legs of course, were the source of his amazing thrusting abilities, and should not be forgotten.
Forgetting myself briefly while I basqued in his exquistly intimidating presecence I quickly pulled myself together.  If he realized how weak just looking at him made me, this was never going to work.
"Good slave, but you still have your socks on"
He quickly removed them.
"Good, but not good enough, you must be punished for not doing as you were told in your first task"
I walked around him, picked up his belt, which was still looped in his jeans, and freed it in one fale swoop.  I walked back around him, with his belt folded in two in my hands I gave it a snap so that the leather hit against itself.
I let my left hand lightly trace across his abdomen until I was standing to his left side.  I braced my left hand against him and turned to give his backside a smack with the belt.
"I hope for your next task you do not disappoint me, or the punishment will be much more severe"
His reply was short and simple "I will do better"
Enjoying the fun I was going to have with this...I shook my finger at him and said:
"tsk tsk tsk, I will do better what?"
SMACK with the belt again, leaving the slightest bit of pink of his god like ass.
"I will do better, Mistress"
I smiled at this, realizing I was going to have power over him for one night, although he might punish me for it later.  I knew the power was not real, because he could overtake me in a matter of seconds.
"Good boy, come with me."
I walked him passed my couch and had him kneel in front of a large round chair I had in my living room.
Then while standing in front of him, his head coming to about my waist...he received his next task.
"Remove my panties and then put your hands behind your back"
With a smirk he reached up and gently pulled down my panties purposefully letting his large hands rub down my outer thighs.  Once they were on the ground and he placed his hands behind his back, I walked behind him and put his wrists into handcuffs.  I then walked back around in front of him.
"Kiss candy mountian, slave" This of course being our inside joke, candy mountain and the cave of wonders were the respect names of my mysteries, and his cock was named Charlie.  Greg kissed it once, and I pulled his head away before he could get too creative or exploratory.
I sat in the round chair I had positioned him in front of, my legs spread wide apart.
"move in between my legs and close to the chair slave."
When he did this I put a leg on each of his shoulders, still wearing the black high heels.
"Do you want to please me?"
"Yes mistress"
"Then I want you to excite me, prove to me you are worth having. Lick"
Greg leaned forward to begin his challenge.  He knew my body well and could easy get me off in a matter of seconds with just his hands, but he rarely went down on me and never with just his mouth.
He started slowly, I am a woman who likes to be teased, afterall.  He licked the the outter folds, which were freshly shaved and I shuddered at the touch.  I was already horny as hell and practically dripping from just seeing him naked, but I wanted him to pleasure me.  I think he knew that this part could be easy for him, but he took his time.  He licked, nibbled, and sucked in all the right places, save the one that would send me into extacsy, and he knew it.  When he finally started to get near my clit, he would do so ever-so-slightly and gently, it was pure torture.  I knew he had to have that wicked grin I loved so much on his face.  Not being able to stand anymore, I pushed his head back and pushed him faced down on the floor.  I put my right foot on his back, just enough to leave a tiny heel  imprint when I removed it.  I grabbed his belt again and SMACK, right on his perfect little ass.
I pulled him back to his knees.
"You are my slave and here for my pleasure, do not tease me, you will lightly lick my clit and when I say you will go harder and do as instructed!"
"Yes, mistress"
I was back in the chair again and I motioned for him to resume.  This time he went straight for the sweetspot and nearly sent me over the edge.
"Soft slave!"
I could feel the blood rushing from every part of my body to that one spot and I was craving his warm hard cock to fuck me, but I didn't want to rush into that yet.
"Now bite"
He bit.
"Bite harder"
He bit into my clit and pressed into it with such force I felt all my juices rush inside me and the pulsating orgasim began.  I grabbed his head, and pushed on it a little, I shrieked, desperately not trying to say his name, that would give him too much power.
He didn't stop.
"Stop NOW slave!"
He still didn't stop and I had to push his head away, he had a devious pleased look on his face.
"Bad boy, you must be punished for such disobediance."
"Yes mistress, I must"
I stood up and pulled him to his feet.
"Come with me"
We walked into my bedroom, I positioned him facing the left side of my bed.
"Bend over"
When he bent over I forciably push his head down on the bed so his ass was exposed and begging to be spanked.  I ran my fingertips along the round sexy cheeks.  I pulled out my paddle out of my nightstand and laid the cool material on his cheeks.  Then I pulled away and gave it a medium strength spank.  This was followed by two hard wacks, and then a few gentle pats.  His flesh was nice and pink and I bent to blow on the area of my punishment and run my nails across it tenderly, before kissing each spot.
"Will you be good now?"
"Yes, mistress" he said in a panting voice.
I freed him from the handcuffs and stood him up.  I kissed his mouth and handed him a condom and some astroglide.  He looked confused.
"I want want you to fuck me in the ass."
I turned around and positioned myslef in front of him and bent at a 90 degree angle with the bed.  On the bed was my favorite vibrator.  It was pink, with a clitorial stimulator and 10 speeds of pleasure.
"Put the condom on slave and get ready to please me"
"Yes mistress"
I heard the condom package open and the sound of it being unrolled.  It had been so long since I had received anal, I was nervous.  I had never experienced this with Greg, and I was shaking, but eager.
I felt a hand on my left hip and felt his fingers on my clit.  They moved up to my slit and fingered me for a couple thrusts, which felt amazing, but not what I wanted, and he knew that.  He pulled out the wet fingers and started to trace around my tight orafice.  He pressed a finger just inside which caused me to whimper, I knew this was giving him power, but I didn't care, i wanted this.   He moved one finger in and out of my tight ass until it was loose enough for a second finger, and he slipped one in.  It hurt, but I needed it and pushed back against his hand.  I had prepared for this, I hadn't eaten in over 24 hours and I was as slick as a whistle.  He slipped his fingers out and I heard he rub astroglide over his latex wrapped cock.
To help relax I turned on my vibrator to its lowest speed and held it to my clit.  I was instantaneously ready for whatever he would do.  Without a word I felt the head press into my hole, which had grown tight again.  I felt a quick bolt of pain and I began to pant.
"Slowly slave"
He slowly pushed in and my body adjusted to his member's size.  Once he was fully inside....I stopped him.
"Wait, let me get used to this."
He never said a word.  He now had both hands on my hips ready to begin thrusting at my command.  I wasn't sure how he felt about this, but I was going to enjoy each moment.  I slide my vibrator inside me so that I was filled to the hilt in my both my holes.
"Ok, start with slow deep thrusts."
He began first pulling out almost completely, I whimpered again, then he went in deeper than before.  After a couple more thrusts like that I was ready, I wanted to be taken hard.
"That's good slave, now fuck the hell out of me!"
"Yes, my mistress"
The thrusts became fast and hard, I was loving it and panting like crazy.  I still had my vibrator on low, but I kicked it into high gear and I was afraid my knees were going to give out from the sensations.
I knew he was able to feel the vibrations through that thin wall that seperated my two pleasureable caves.  I could feel that this was more intense than either one of us could baragin for.   The blood of my entire body was once again all in one spot, but this time the full filling ensured an electrifying orgasim.  The blood flowed and the pulsating started.  My entire pelvic region quivered and jerked and in pleasureable pain.
Instead of completely stopping he slowed and then stopped inside me.  I reached underneath me and turned off the vibrator.  I was throbbing and dripping and I didn't want to move.  Greg had started to rest on my back now, obviously tired.  I tried to recover myself and I pulled out the vibrator.
"Ok slave, you can pull out slowly."
As he did I whinced in pain.  I stood up and turned to Greg.  I kissed him and while I did I removed the condom.
"You did good slave, I am pleased. Now lay down on the bed and I will be right back."
I went to the bathroom, tossed the condom, grabbed a washcloth, and washed my toy.
I returned to the room and threw the washcloth at Greg.
"Get yourself clean for me slave."
While he washed himself with the cloth I took my four velcrow restraints and tied them to the four corners of the bed.
"Are you done?"
"Only if you find me clean enough, Mistress?"
I looked him over and nodded yes.
"Lay back spread eagle."
I put the cuffs on his wrists and ankles.
"Now my little slave, I know you think you can easily escape this restraints, but you won't will you?"
"No Mistress"
I put my blindfold on him and then brought out some new toys.
First was a bag of clothes pins.  I clamped one on each of his nipples, which resulted in a wince from him.  I put a series of pins on his balls and four up the underside of his shaft.  With each new one there was an arousing growl.  I took pleasure in placing a few pinching that sensitve V of his.  watching him flinch at such touches took a lot of personal restraint not to just jump him.  He looked so sexy nakid, spread-eagled, blindfolded, and horny on my bed.  There is just something to be said for a man being tied down.
I kissed his mouth very lightly and then a little harder, biting on his lower lip.  I moved my kisses to his neck and bit hard leaving a nice mark.   I continued to kiss around his neck and mouth, then I removed the two pins from the tight grasp they had on his tender nipples.  I lightly kissed each one and started sucking and biting them.  Paying a great deal of attention to each.  With each moan and hiss he made I became hornier and wetter.
He was being so good and remained quiet.  I took out my massage oil and let it drip down between his pecks, it was cold.  At its touch he hissed and arched his back.
"slave, it will warm up and you like it, say you like it."
"I like it Mistress."
I rubbed down his torso with the oil and rubbed his legs, but ignored the sensitive area where the clothes pins remained.
I pulled out a condom from my nightstand along with the astroglide and a latex glove.  I put the condom on my vibrator and put the glove on my hand. I slicked my gloved hand up with astroglide and started rub just below his balls.
"Now, slave, this will be enjoyable and I do not care whether you are clean enough or not, just take it."
As I pressed the first finger inside I started to pull off the clothes pins from his cock and balls.  Soon I was fingering his ass with three fingers and sucking his sensitive cock.  I left the pins pinching the V while I sucked his dick and squeezed his balls.  Then I switched out my fingers for the vibrator.  I pushed it in slowly, but with delibarate force.  Once fully inside I turned it on low.  The vibrations made him jump a little.  The clitorial stimulator was massaging the area between his anus and his balls.  I was sucking vigorously while I pulled the vibrator in and out, in and out.  Slowly at first and then with speed to match my sucking.
"slave, tell me does this feel good?"
I stopped....
"No slave, that was not a good enough answer....if you want me to continue you must tell me you love it and beg for me to continue."
"Yes, Mistress, I love it.  Please don't stop....please.."
I continued with thrusting the toy and licking his throbbing cock.  I pulled off the clothes pins still pinching that over-so sensitive V.  Then i moved my mouth from licking his cock to wear those pins had been.  He let out a growl that made me not want to keep patient.  I stopped thrusting the vibrator, but pushed it in as far as it would go and I straddled my bound slave's pelvis.  I positioned his rock hard member inside of my dripping slit.  It felt so warm and pleasurable to have him finally inside.  I never realized how trying to tease and torture him I was doing the same to myself.
I was going slowly back and forth and I leaned forward to kiss him hard.  I bit his lips and neck...I hadn't felt this thrilled and horny in my entire life.  I sat back up and continued my grinding against his sweaty pelvis.  It was so slippery from my juices and his sweat that he nearly slipped out from my eagerness to move faster and harder.  I reached behind me to between his legs and increased the speed on my vibrator that was still shoved up his tight ass.  It was now at its most intense speed, I could feel the vibrations throbbing threw his penis.
This change effected him in ways that increased my own climb to orgasim.  I was riding him like a horse in the kentuckey derby.  His back was arching, his teeth were clenched, and his neck was turning red and hot, veins bulging.  For the first time ever I though he was going to get off from sex.  Feeling like I was finally showing him a fraction of the pleasure he gives me with one touch I started going harder.
With my left hand I was rubbing my clit vigourusly and I new I wouldn't last much longer.
"slave, are you going to cum?"
"I think so Mistress"
"Good, slave, that would please me"
I said that in the slightest pant.
I was starting to hit that crest of orgasim, I put my right had up on Greg's chest, just barely digging my nails into him.
"please" he said...
"please what?"
"please go harder, make me cum."
Such a request made me smile.  Never once has he asked this of me, or thought it was possible.
In my eagerness I tilted back resting my weight on my right hand, still riding him.  I took my left hand and reached between his legs and started moving the vibrator in and out enough to make him hiss.  I gave it one final thrust before I feel forward on top of him, while his back arched and he made a loud grunting growl.  I felt his seed shooting out of his cock deep inside me.
I could no longer stand it and ripped the velcrow cuffs free and removed the blindfold in a freenzy.  I needed to feel him encircling me.  I kissed him hard and his hand was quickly between us and he was rubbing my clit into a the fastest orgasim possible.  I collapsed with him still inside me.
We both laid there sweating and panting.
"That was the most intense sexual experience of my life, thank you...slave."
He smiled, eyes closed and he knew he still had the power...he always did

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